Rules of passage

Some rules and advice for those who decided to play the quest in reality:

1. One you can not cope, so you need to come with friends.

2. It is better to make a team mixed, i.e. that there were both guys and girls. While the girls surprise with their female logic when searching for hints and solving puzzles, guys at this time shine with intuition and sleight of hand when opening caches and locks.

3. Remember that the goal of the game is to leave the room. As a rule, the door is opened with a key, which you need to find.

4. To hope for the help of your phone or a flashlight it is not necessary, because you leave them in the storage room before entering the room.

5. You do not need to use brute force, it will not help you anyway.

6. You need to be extremely attentive. If you find something, then speak out loud. Perhaps you think this subject is absolutely unnecessary find, and your friend is his and is not enough to open the next castle.

7. Do not miss out on the most simple interior items, such as: paintings, cups, books, etc.

If you guessed the code from the lock…..Let your friend to try to open it,maybe you need to press harder .