The best Escape Room Varna from “Isolation”

If you want to feel like the protagonist of an incredible story, have fun with friends and arrange a warm-up for the brain tired of the routine, then you have a guaranty that such an unusual and already popular leisure format, like escape room, Varna offers everyone to try their hand at atmospheric intellectual entertainment. One of the most famous resort towns in Bulgaria with a stunning Mediterranean climate invites all residents and visitors of the city to diversify their familiar rest by combining business with pleasure.

The quests in Varna are built in the same type as in the whole world. The task of the team of players is to escape from the locked room, but everything is not so simple. First, your main weapon will be intelligence, not physical strength. In order to open the door, you have to solve a series of diverse puzzles, organically woven into the situation of the room, which means you’ll need to be as thorough as possible, armed with iron logic, creative thinking, and plan your teamwork effectively. Secondly, one of the rules of the escape room is the time limit. In order to win, you need to cope with the tasks in 60 minutes.

Let’s add to this the thoughtful entourage in the style of mystical, detective, fantasy and not only stories, which can be boasted by everyone on conscience and with the soul created quests, to Varna, just to please this approach of organizers and decorators, which is confirmed by the ratings and reviews left by the satisfied players, and get the effect of a full immersion. The opportunity to plunge into the new reality with a head will lead to the fact that your body will actively help you to cope with the non-standard situation, producing hormones.

Adrenaline is guaranteed to cause your heart to beat more often, dopamine will induce to action, and to receive a portion of endorphins after the victory you will necessarily want again.

Quests in reality are fun, not an exam. To solve puzzles, narrow knowledge is not needed, and even if the room is thematically connected with a film or book, a preliminary acquaintance with them will certainly make the game more entertaining, but does not help.

Escape rooms for children in Varna from “Isolation” – a sea of ​​good mood

Learn teamwork, increase self-esteem, try on the role of leader and practice non-standard thinking – only the minimum that can give, Varna, is perhaps the best city for the heir or heir to try a new role model. And to play live is much more fun than in the virtual world!

Questroom is rightfully the title of the most desired place for entertainment of young guests. Believe me, although the game only takes an hour, impressions children enough for a long time, and you will only have to arrange a sweet table for them and give an opportunity to discuss an incredible event. The smallest courageous adventurers can be accompanied by the best animators who will help in difficult situations. By the way, adult players can ask for advice by contacting the quest administrator, which is reviewed by hidden cameras placed in the room just for this purpose, so it’s just not possible to leave without a good mood!

Important point: during all public holidays, the price of the game remains the same as on all other days off, the number of those who want to have fun with the use for the soul and mind increases significantly, so it is worthwhile to book the reservation for the time of interest.