The game of thrones

Квест комната
  • Time of passage: 60 min.
  • Number of participants: 2-5 per.
  • Complexity: middle
  • Phones: +35 (988) 874-08-39

The room is valid at: Охрид, 12


Winter is close, and with it White Walkers, can be dealt with only with the help of weapons from obsidian, also called the Dragon Glass. Fortunately, in the office of the last Grand Master, you can find the keys to the secret caches of the Children of the Forest, who used this rock to create their weapons. In order to solve the mysteries and overcome a series of tests will need courage and savvy. Only real knights can save Vasteras!

Terms of booking

  • To book the quest, you need to leave an application on our website, after which our administrator will call you. If we fail to reach you three times, we can cancel your application.
  • If you paid for the game online or with a certificate and can not come to it, please notify us about it no less than 5 hours before the start of the quest – in this case we will transfer the game for a convenient time. Otherwise, the cost of the game is not refundable.
  • The booking table shows the recommended time. Wait for the call of the representative of the quest project Isolation.
  • Price is
    50 leva per 2 persons.
    70 leva per 3 persons.
    90 leva per 4 persons.
    100 leva per 5 persons.
    120 leva per 6 persons.